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Exposition "Le Raclette"
Exposition "Le Raclette"
Exposition "Le Raclette"
Exposition "Le Raclette"
Today 20 September 2020 14:00 - 18:00 Event

Exposition "Le Raclette"

The Musée de Bagnes is holding a unique exhibition on the famous raclette cheese!
In Valais, raclette is ideally served from a half-wheel of cheese, placed under a source of heat, with the melted surface of the cheese then scraped off. The Musée de Bagnes invites you to explore this raw-milk cheese from Valais, which has been recognised as having protected designation of origin (PDO) since 2007.

The exhibition goes a step beyond exploring the raclette meal itself to investigate the contrasts between the cheese’s promotional image and how it is made. Hérens cattle, mountain pastures, contemporary production, flavours and ambassadors guide the visitor’s way into the region and the imaginary lands of this cheese.

The museum is open all year round from Wednesday to Sunday, and every day in July and August.
Musée de Bagnes, Chemin de l'Eglise 13 1934 Le Châble
+41 27 776 15 25
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